Monday, July 21, 2014


Well it sure has been a while since I wrote last, however the random thing is that our street was a river again just last week.  We have been having some nice summer rains that have cooled things off a bit- don't get me wrong, it is still over 100 degrees out in the afternoon. 
Tom had his first MMA fight also since I last wrote (Tom Fender vs Eric Jordan on He won, and it was a super fun night.  He also has since had his eyes fixed since he had to fight blind.  Which is quite funny because I, on the other hand had to get glasses.  He is still working for Harmony Hospice and has also started a business called Surelux Distributors, they retrofit commercial properties for LED lighting.  No jobs yet- but hopefully they will get their first job soon.  He also is in the Elder's Quorum presidency at church, needless to say, he is a busy man.
I, on the other hand quit my job and was released from Young Women's.  I am a stay at home mom now and teacher in Relief Society.  I had a miscarriage last October, which was and still is sometimes a difficult experience, however we are expecting a baby boy (Cael Thomas) to join our family sometime in October! :). It has been a rough pregnancy this time, not so much getting sick, but just battling my crazy pregnancy hormones and the fatigue of the best job in the world, being a mom, of course, of two little ones at the same time as making a baby. But all in all, I feel extremely blessed.
Tom and I celebrated our 6 year Anniversary in May, crazy how fast time flies once you are married.
Adam will be 5 years old in November.  He got into the Pre-K Typical Peer Program at Wright Elementary, which means he will officially be in school on Track 3, Monday-Thursday AM, starting August 25th. Which blows my mind, but I am excited for him and think he will thrive since he absolutely loved his trial class that he had to tale to get in.  He is reading little words now like: he, and, & the.  It is fun to see him blending words together.  He also loves to play UNO- we play best out of 5 every day. :) His favorite food right now is chicken and corn.  we have to force him to eat anything else.
Ellie will be 3 years old in September.  She also loves reading, but her favorite thing is going through the car wash and helping me vacuum it out.  Which is awesome, because my car has never stayed so clean.  We do the car every Wed or Thurs. :). Ellie is naturally loving and caring and nurturing, she is going to be a great big sister.  Her favorite food is pizza, she can throw down two pieces like its nothing, and unlike Adam, she eats constantly.  Her #1 phrase is, "I'm hungry!"
Anyways that is a little of what has been going on with us, hopefully I can write more often. I'll try!
 Adam did a Basketball camp at the Fife's house with Coach Fife and Coach Truman.  This was after we got his new socks and basketball.  He was so excited he wanted to hold them and fell asleep like this.  :)
 Adam and Ellie napping together.  Tom and I thought it was hilarious that they were in the same position.
 Ellie, Jonas, Adam and Brendan at Anderson Dairy.  We did a fun tour and got Ice Cream at the end.
 Adam and Ellie hVe been taking swim lessons the last two months.  Adam is a Seahorse and Ellie is a Guppy at Water Wings Swim School.  They love it.  We recently switched classes and now Ellie and Kennedy Tabeek are in the same class.  They had their arms around each other every chance they got.
 Tom and I went to see the Finals of American Ninja Warrior.  Dustin Rocho, a patient of Dr. Thalgott's was competing, so we went to support him.  It was a blast and I think Tom will try to do it next year.
 Ellie loves her Popi... and they both love TV.  lol. They were watching some soccer for the World Cup together.
 Ellie and I had to take a "Selfie".
 Adam and Ellie showing how flexible they are.  Love them so much.
Tom and Adam and Ellie up on the little mountain at Mountain's Edge Park.  I love my little family! :)

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