Saturday, June 23, 2012

opportunity village- christmas

Thanks to Aunt Jessica and Uncle Aaron, we got to go to Opportunity Village to see all the lights.  It used to be a tradition I would go every year when it opened for my friend Nina's Birthday!  It was always a blast.  And now I think it will be a great tradition to continue.  Adam absolutely LOVED it!! He was pointing at all of the lights and having the best time-- the train and rides were a bonus. 

 Adam, Grandma, and the Grinch who stole Christmas.  Adam and Grandma got so excited, the rest of us had to tell them to slow down.
 It is always so much fun to have Jessica and Aaron in town.  Adam loves them so much.  We can't wait until they get married and have little cousins for Adam and Ellie (hint hint)  haha.  Adam is sitting on his Aunt Jessica's lap, shortly after this photo they got to ride the train together. My camera died so this is all the photos we got.
 But let me tell you, they had a great time.  And Adam rode the "tea cup" ride that was actually dragons with daddy, and he even rode a horse on the carousel.  Every time he came around, he would say "HI" and blow us a kiss.  Just LOVE that boy.
While we went to Opportunity Village to have fun Ellie stayed home with Nana and Aunt Lindsay.  It was her first time away from mommy and let's just say she wasn't happy about it.  They said she screamed the entire time.  Nothing they did would console her.  When I got home,  I could see the fear in Lindsay's eyes.  Haha  Lindz said she has never heard a baby scream that way before.  So funny!!  Ellie might be just as stubborn as the rest of us because as soon as we got home, she calmed right down.  She is a little high maintenance. :)

We had a wonderful Christmas.  Santa brought Adam a new red bike.  He was so excited to get it!!  And he rides it so well now, that i'm thinking Santa should have gotten him an actual bike with real tires instead of plastic!! 

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